Vtiger HR Module with Payroll & TimeSheet

An all in one Human Resource Management Solution is a combination set of both VTiger HR module and VTiger Payroll module. It includes many inbuilt features powers to handle all the HRM related tasks within your CRM itself. VTiger CRM HRMS and Payroll has been completed and available in our store. There is also a live demo available to all users to test drive the features. We are open to any suggestions and feedback from all users.

After several evaluations made, now it is getting more bigger with lot more flexibility and added features. Here is the good news from the team now. Version 1.0 was flagged as stable and made available now.

Here is the split ups and features build for version 1.0 There are 38 modules available in Vtiger HRM Payroll Solution 1.0 package with an in build installer to make installation simple. All 38 modules are grouped under 4 key menu groups as sub modules

Included Key Modules and sub modules in version 1.0 stable release.

1. HRM Modules

  • Job Titles
  • Job Request
  • Job Request Forms
  • Candidates
  • Interview

2. Employee Modules

  • Employees
  • Dependent Information
  • Contract Information
  • Education Information
  • Emergency Information
  • Confirmation Information
  • Immigration Information
  • Job Information
  • Salary Information
  • Report to
  • Work Experience
  • Offer Information
  • KPI Information
  • Performance Review
  • Resignation Information
  • Termination Information
  • Exit Interview Form

3. Leave Modules

  • Leave Periods
  • Leave Type
  • Work Week
  • Holidays
  • Employee Entitlements
  • Holidays Countable
  • Assign/Request Leave
  • Time Sheets

    4. Payroll Modules

  • Allowance Types
  • Allowances
  • Payroll Profiles / Manage Profiles
  • Payroll Fields / Manage Fields
  • Payroll Templates
  • Payroll Tasks / Assign Payroll
  • Payroll History

5. HRM Log


Vtiger HRM Payroll Solution can be also approached as four main hrm process as follows

1. Recruitment Process
Creates request for a vacancy for a specific Job title with qualification, experience and skill set.
On approval requested jobs can be posted over websites as auto generated html forms along with manual entries
Candidates can register and Upload their resume through a website for the particular job post.
Registered candidates are shortlisted and scheduled for various rounds of interview with venue details
Send bulk invites with interview details to registered candidates and assigned user.
Automated Invitation/Intimation can be sent to the shortlisted candidate and the Interviewer.
Invitations are triggered to candidates move through next level of Interview.
Selected Candidates can be easily converted to the Employee as well as User by single click.

2. Employee Information
All most useful information are maintained for each employee for HR process are under this module.
Training Information, Termination , Resignation process modules with automated mail, calendar intimations to the reporting officer and the employee.
Employee Performance tracking through Reviews from KPI module.

3. Leave Management
Set Leave Types, Leave Period with details.
Holidays can be be defined In this module.
Time Sheet module for Employee Working hours entries and tracking valid worked hours of Employee.
Maximum Working hours can be set.
The normal pay and pay for over time Working hours can be configured for Payroll Calculation.
Manager can assign No of Days for each employee can take leave under each type
Employees are limited within Assigned leaves and need approval
Employee Can Request Leave and check the remaining leaves available for him.

4. Payroll Management
Create, Edit and Manage Payroll Fields.
Fixed, Calculative terms can be set for each payroll field
Create various profiles to maintain the frequency of pay. (Weekly/Semi Monthly/Monthly.
Create Payroll Templates to create/calculate bulk Payroll Payments etc., for particular user or Groups
Assign Payroll as jobs triggered based on frequency set to automate the payroll process for eg. each month.

These core features will have several sub features and related functionality. We are keen to get your suggestions, feature requests and queries. Please contact us with your queries.

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