Advanced ACF Field handling in Ultimate CSV Importer

April 2, 2015

The advanced ACF Field handling is one of the core new features in the development pipeline for WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin.This is the preliminary post with a preview of the plugin to be released for customers in a short interval. This feature of ACF field registration will be made available for the user in plugin version – 4.5.0. Check again for more updates and release news.

About ACF Field handling in V4.5

Registering an ACF custom field is now handy and it is like taking candy from a baby with Ultimate CSV importer. It supports both the free version and pro version of ACF.

Either free or pro version should be activated to register the fields and the plugin can create custom fields depending on the version activated in your WordPress.

The pro version supports some extra fields when compared to that of the free version. The registered fields are grouped under custom group in ACF.

ACF Custom Fields Supported in V4.5

i) ACF free


  • Text
  • Text area
  • Number
  • Email
  • Password

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Image
  • File

  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button
  • True/False

  • Page link
  • Post object
  • Relationship
  • Taxonomy
  • User

  • Google map
  • Date picker
  • Color picker

  • Message
  • Tab

ii) ACF Pro
ACF Pro supports all the custom fields available in the free version. In addition, it also supports the following fields.

  • Url
  • oEmbed
  • Gallery
  • Repeater
  • Flexible content

Import modules that are supported with this new ACF feature update:

CSV importer enables to import 12 different modules. It also supports a number of third party plugins. ACF custom field can be imported along with the following modules.

  • Post
  • Page
  • Users
  • Custom post
  • eShop
  • MarketPress
  • WP eCommerce
  • WooCommerce

Minimum requirements for this feature support:

  • You should have the ACF custom field’s add-on (Free / Premium).
  • Either of the plugin should be active in WordPress plugins lists.

Steps And Procedure To Create ACF Fields:

The custom fields can be registered under the mapping section of the modules that supports ACF.

Any number of custom fields can be created by clicking on the “Add Custom Field” button and newly created fields are grouped under a new custom group.

The custom group is automatically created when a new field is registered using the Ultimate CSV Importer. By default created custom groups are named as “custom group for” followed by import module name i.e. “custom group for post” for import module post.

In ACF free, for the custom post module alone the custom group is named as “custom group for custompostname”, Eg. custom group for music, here music is the created custom post.

In ACF pro, the custom fields created in custom post module will be registered under all the active custom post available.

To remove or close the row click on “Cancel” button and the newly added row gets deleted.

To register the custom field, enter the field label in the WP Fields and choose the necessary field type. The field label and field type are mandatory to register the field. Providing values for the mandatory fields enables the register button.

The importer automatically assigns the “Field Name” from the “Field Label” given by the user. For eg. If the user gives the field label as “First name” then the field name will be “first_name”. The space( ) and dot (.) are replace with underscore(_).

In a custom group two fields with same field name cannot be created i.e. replicating a field name is not possible. When a custom group named “custom group for post” has field name “First name” then another field with name “First name” cannot be created.

When the custom field type is of choice like select, checkbox or radio button the list of choice value must be provided. A popup slide appears below the field provide the choices as by comma separated values and do not provide any space or use enter key here. For example, when the checkbox label is color provide with the choice magenta, ebony, Icy blue, crimson red.

On entering a wrong choice an alert notifies by turning the border red in color.

When the field type is “User” an alert “Enter user role” is shown to enter role. Give a valid role and click on “ok” button. By clicking “ok” with wrong user role or without entering any role will pop up an alert as “Invalid user”. Clicking “close” removes the alert.

The user roles may be the administrator, editor, subscriber, contributor, author, customer and shop manager.

When the field type is “message” an alert “Enter the message” pops out. In popped out alert fill up the required message and click “ok”. On clicking “ok” without entering any message alerts “Invalid message”. Clicking “close” hides the alert.

The content for the registered field can be included by mapping the CSV header, static/dynamic content or by formulae.

Though the CSV header is mapped, if static/dynamic or formulae have contents included in it then the CSV content will be replaced with the content of static/dynamic or formulae.

To enter the static/dynamic value click on the “+” icon. Mention the CSV header to be added within the curly braces. For eg. {post_title}

Advanced ACF Field handling

To enter the formulae click on the “ε” icon. Specify operator (+,-,*,/) and CSV header as operand in MATH() within {}.Example: MATH ({product_quantity}/{discount_price})

Then click on the “register” button. On clicking the “Register” button, alert “Register the custom fields” appears to ensure registration. Click on “ok” to confirm or ignore it by selecting cancel.

On clicking “ok” another alert “Field added” appears to confirm registration.

When the fields get added the “Register” button will be hidden and the cancel button is replaced with “Delete” button.
The “Delete button” enables to remove the registered custom field and the created custom group will not be deleted.
Finally, the registered custom fields are registered under the custom group created.

Advanced ACF Field handling group

Advanced ACF Field handling custom group

Improved on the fly import capabilities for ACF Free/Pro users

  1. In earlier versions the ACF fields need to be created in the ACF plugin but now it is made as easy as pie in importer by just activating the ACF plugin and creating it in the mapping section.
  2. The created field can be deleted in mapping section where it is created. No data is lost while creating / deleting the fields on import.
  3. The existing fields and the fields created using ACF plugin can also be included in importing modules with ACF.
  4. The custom group is automatically created with name “custom group for modulename” in both ACF free and ACF pro. In ACF free for custom post module the custom group is termed as “custom group for custompost”.
  5. The custom fields created in each module are assigned to default custom groups.
  6. By default the post type for Post is Post, Page is Page, users is all and for eShop, MarketPress, WP eCommerce, WooCommerce is Product. The post type for custom post is the custom post to which the fields are assigned with.
  7. Eliminates replicating a field name under a custom group.