Address Lookup for Vtiger enhanced to support Vtiger 7

August 28, 2017

Manual data entry – it’s a daunting word, Isn’t it? Just hearing the word, probably makes you thinking of your valuable time wasted on pile of complicated manual process. It also put lots of pressure on people to be correct in all details of their work at all times. However, manually entering the accurate customer information in your CRM is not possible all the time. Sometimes your salespeople may add information with typo errors or switch some important information that may end up with inconsistent data.


Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM, addresses these issues by offering effective integration between your Vtiger CRM and Google Place API that helps your salespeople to enter the more accurate address information of customers. Now, Address Lookup is available with the support for the latest version of Vtiger CRM 7.

Easily update the Vtiger Address Fields

Address Lookup for Vtiger CRM is designed in a way to auto populate the Lead/ Contact address information as you start typing in one of the field in your Vtiger CRM. With the more intuitive field mapping, you can select the related components to map with the exact postal address.

Turn On and Off Address Lookup

You can have the complete control over the address filling in all your Vtiger CRM entity Modules. So you can enable the Address Lookup for the module of your choice. Address Lookup fetches the address information from Google Place API and provides you with a type-ahead, location based search to make your salespeople work more easier.

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