How to add Custom Fields using WP Ultimate CSV Importer

July 21, 2015

CSV Import procedure for Types:

Simple steps explained here to achieve adding Types plugin Custom Fields using WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin. First, you should install “Types” plugin and activate it. Then enable it by selecting settings in the menu bar of CSV importer and then select “Custom Fields”. Click “enable/disable” option in the “Types Custom Fields” option.

Types Custom Field Setup

Custom Fields are used to add your own fields inside the Post, Page etc. You can also create custom field inside the Custom Post. If you want to add Custom Fields then follow the below given steps. Click “import” in the menu bar and then select “Post” in the drop down menu. Press “browse” button to import required CSV file. Click “import” to continue.

Map the WordPress fields to CSV headers in the core fields. To add custom fields press the “TYPES field”. Click “Add custom field” button. Then “Basic Information for Field Registration” box will be displayed. Enter the values in the label, name, and description fields and select the “Field Type” using drop down menu.

The fields having these attribute

  • Label – name of the field.
  • Name – name of the field that is displayed in the content.
  • Description – piece of text that describes about the field.
  • Field type – used to select type of the field such as text area, image, video etc.

Textfield indicate single line field in the types plugin .
Textarea indicate multiple lines field in the types plugin.

If you select “Checkbox” then you should give a single choice. If you select “Checkboxes” then you can give multiple choices.

If you want to make the field mandatory then enable “Required” option. Label, name, field type are mandatory for registration. If those fields are not filled then the “Register” button will not activate. After that, click “Register” button to add those Custom Fields.

An alert box is displayed to confirm your registration. Click “ok” to continue. You can create any number of Custom Fields simultaneously during one import.

Types Custom Field Registration

Finally, the field is added to the WP fields and you should map it in the corresponding CSV header.

Types Custom Field Mapping

To delete the registered field click “Delete” button. After mapping, click “Next” to continue. The next page will give the details of total no. of records, total no. of mapped and unmapped fields. It will also display the mapped and unmapped WP fields and CSV headers.

Click “Proceed import” to import. Choose either “Import right away” or “Schedule now” to import. Click “Next”. To verify click “Web View” or “Admin View”. In the “Admin View” page you can see the created fields.

Types Custom Field Admin