3 ways to maintain your CRM data more accurate and clean

May 22, 2018

Picture this: You’re receiving an email from one of your customers, complaining that she receives a single campaign multiple times. A little embarrassing moment, right?


Data Duplicates. Act as one of the biggest roadblocks for every CRM user. This may often lead to poor sales and marketing performance. Duplicates include anything from inconsistent data to outdated data. Since your sales and marketing team exclusively rely on CRM to get all their works done, its essential for businesses to maintain their CRM clean. But, how we can do this? Below, we have organized some guidelines to help you get started to eliminate the pitfalls of duplicates in your CRM.

Avoid duplicate entries

From this point onwards, make sure that only correct data are entered into your CRM. You can use a simple trick to make this possible. Since email id and phone numbers are unique for each of your customers, you can use this to prevent duplicate records entering into the CRM. Just an automated lookup of existing data before adding a new data.

Merge old duplicate entries

Automated lookup of existing data works great when you manually add new customer info, but what about the info that is collected via import, web forms and more. And what about the tons of your existing data in your CRM? Rather than deleting one record blindly and keeping one as such, you can merge the two duplicate records as one. It ensures that we won’t miss out any of the important information.

Run regular maintenance check

Sticking to a periodic maintenance or checkup is also a must to maintain your CRM clean. Especially when your CRM is flowing with the bunch of Leads on daily basis. So a regular can make sure that your CRM data accurate and up-to-date.

Don’t let all your efforts get lost with dirty data! Keep your CRM more clean & accurate and make your efforts a breeze.

Happy selling!