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01 - INTRO to Cost Estimator

Select the Plaform which you have build your applications ?

Choose the size of the project ?

02 - Design

How many pages will you need?

03 - Type

What is the website type?

03 - Functionality

What are the below website add-ons needed?

04 - Integration

Does your website connect with another app?

05 - Control

Do you need a Content Management System(CMS)?

02 - Platform

What is the Mobile OS you want to build the app?

02 - APP Type

What type of app?

Do you have a login?

03 - UI Type

What kind of UI design do you prefer?

How many screens ?

04 - Functionality

Do you need push notifications ?

Do you need any communication features ?

Do you need built-in payment methods ?

Choose the content type ?

05 - User Interactions

How will you engage with users ?

Is the app multilingual ?

06 - Backend Requirements

What are your backend requirements?

Do you need an app icon?

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