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Time-off management for Vtiger CRM

Product version 1.0

Easily manage all your employee and their leave information in one place right from your Vtiger CRM.

  • Manage all your employee info in one place.
  • Customizable leave types that fits your company standards.
  • Hassle free year end leave calculations for lapsing leaves, entitlements & more
  • Share your holiday list with your employees.
  • Recursively use your holiday calendar that are common.
  • Define your own annual leave period & work week for employees.
  • Self help system to give your employees the ability to access their own information.
Single domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (4.4 or ↑)

Streamline your Employee Time-off Management

Leave Types

Hassle free & simplified year end calculations of your employee leaves.

Prepare your Calendar

Define your own holiday list, work week and annual period from your Vtiger CRM.

Empower Employees

Let your employee can easily apply for leaves and view all their leave information.


Manage Your employee info

Easily organize all your employee information inside your Vtiger CRM



Leaves types

Enables you to categorize different leaves types for your employees.



Work Week Calendar

Define the list of working and non-working days for employees



Company Holiday list

Lets you define your own list of all common holidays for a year



Share your holiday calendar

Easily share your holiday list with your employees over email 


Annual leave period

Choose the desired starts and end dates to specify the annual leave period for your company 



Campaigns Report

This brings your mailchimp campaigns reports right inside your vtiger CRM



Organize your Employee info
  • Efficient maintenance of all your employee info in a single place.
  • You can add any no. of employees at a single click without any inconvenience.
  • Lets you to record and manage all your employee profile with ease.
Flexible employee leave types
  • Tailor your own Leave types for your employees based on your organization standards
  • Easily categorize as many leave types as you need like Casual, Sick, Privileged and more each with its own entitlements.
  • Your employees can easily view all leave details for the current leave period.
Define & share your Holiday calendar
  • Easily prepare the list of common holidays for your Organization with Vtiger Leave Management system.
  • You can recursively use the holiday list that are common all years like New year.
  • This eliminates the repetitive work of defining the same list for every year.
  • You can also limit the number of days for each holiday.
  • Seamlessly share your Holiday calendar with your employees via email.

Delight employees with self service system

  • Giving your employees the ability to apply for leave with a separate login for all your employees.
  • Once you have converted your employees as user, you can allow them apply Leave, view holiday and more and still you can restrict the access & actions performed by your User in Vtiger CRM.

Leave Period & Work Week

  • With Vtiger Leave Management system, you create annual leave period for your Organisation.
  • As well you can define the working (full & half working) and non-working days for a week using the work week calendar.

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