VTiger HRM Payroll Solution


VTiger HRM Payroll Solution is a combination of both VTiger HRM module and VTiger Payroll module. VTiger CRM HRMS and Payroll extension is an all in one Human Resource Management and Payroll Solution with time sheet for VTiger CRM.

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  • Lifetime Support and Lifetime upgrade.
  • Supports Vtiger CRM version of 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4
  • Required ionCube loader version 4.4 or higher.



1. HRM Modules

  • Job Titles
  • Job Request
  • Job Request Forms
  • Candidates
  • Interview
2. Employee Modules
  • Employees
  • Dependent Information
  • Contract Information
  • Education Information
  • Emergency Information
  • Conformation Information
  • Immigration Information
  • Job Information
  • Salary Information
  • Report to
  • Work Experience
  • Offer Information
  • KPI Information
  • Performance Review
  • Resignation Information
  • Termination Information
  • Exit Interview Form
3. Leave Modules
  • Leave Periods
  • Leave Type
  • Work Week
  • Holidays
  • Employee Entitlements
  • Holidays Countable
  • Assign/Request Leave
  • Time Sheets
4. Payroll Modules
  • Allowance Types
  • Allowances
  • Payroll Profiles / Manage Profiles
  • Payroll Fields / Manage Fields
  • Payroll Templates
  • Payroll Tasks / Assign Payroll
  • Payroll History
5. HRM Log

User Reviews

“WoW! VTiger HRM Payroll Solution is the best on the market and you have always been great people to work with. Your product has always been important to the success of my business. Thank you so much”


“Hey Smackcoders. Just wanted to say thanks for the great payroll product. I’ve recently expanded to your product and am using it now. This product has been a huge help to us.”


“Excellent payroll to work with. I have never seen so many options in a single product. Fenzik and his team showed professionalism all the way through the project.”


Product Snaps

  • Candidates-Common-page
  • Vtiger
  • Vtiger HRM Payroll - Create Template
  • Vtiger HRM Payroll- Manage Profile
  • Vtiger Google Calendar - Timesheet