How to Update MarketPress Products to WordPress in 3 simple steps

import products into marketpress

MarketPress is one of the best eCommerce add-ons with most of the features inbuilt. Keeping your product data updated with latest Price, discount, etc., in regular intervals are difficult. It takes most of your time updating each record one by one[...]

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Import MarketPress PRO, Event Manager and More..

Today WooCommerce sites sell products that has multi dimensional variables like colors , size and price. Ultimate CSV Importer can now help you import the MarketPress Pro’s variable products in bulk. Easily import your Event Manager Plugin data to create multiple and recurring events ,  registration and booking management with event location in a few [...]

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New version release 4.3.0 available for WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

Version 4.3.0 is adding flavors to the existing WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro. It is enhanced with XML file import, text file import and zip file import. It has a user-friendly flow by providing an option to register WP core custom fields on the flow of import process in mapping section of import. Enabled ACF [...]

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Import CSV file, XML file, Text file and Zip file with WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 4.3

Newly added import file types: WP Ultimate CSV importer Pro 4.3 supports XML file import, text file import and zip file import in addition to the CSV file import. The import procedure is same as that of the usual CSV import. How to import file? Import process includes the following steps: 1. Upload File 2. [...]

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Import All in One SEO with Ultimate CSV Importer

To import CSV files install WP-Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin and All In One SEO plugin and activate it. To enable ALL IN ONE SEO go to settings of the WP-Ultimate CSV Importer then Enable ALL IN ONE SEO as shown below. To import CSV files please navigate to import option on the WP Ultimate CSV Importer as [...]

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WordPress SEO by Yoast Import as CSV

Install and activate WP ultimate CSV Importer and Yoast SEO. After installation and activation completed, enable the “Yoast SEO” plugin in the wp ultimate CSV importer settings. In the settings page, select the SEO settings and press “Enabled” button nearer to the Yoast SEO. You can’t able to enable both the SEO’s plugin simultaneously CSV [...]

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How to add Custom Fields using WP Ultimate CSV Importer

CSV Import procedure for Types: Simple steps explained here to achieve adding Types plugin Custom Fields using WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin. First, you should install “Types” plugin and activate it. Then enable it by selecting settings in the menu bar of CSV importer and then select “Custom Fields”. Click “enable/disable” option in the “Types Custom [...]

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How to import Custom Posts as CSV using WP Ultimate CSV Importer

First, you need to install and activate CPT UI plugin then create the Custom Post using CPT UI plugin. Before importing CSV file, you should enable it by selecting “settings” in the menu bar of CSV importer and then select “Custom post & Taxonomy” Click “enable/disable” in “Custom Post Type UI” option. For Import: To [...]

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How to import Post using WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 4.2

To import a Post CSV file select import -> Post from drop down menu. A CSV (comma-separated values or character-separated values) is a simple text file contains set values in comma separated format with a header. In general, Headers is the first line in CSV files which have the column name or field name or term [...]

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Custom Field Registrations in CSV Importer 4.2

1. ACF Custom Field Registration: The ACF custom field registration is one of the new features in the development of WP Ultimate CSV importer PRO version 4.2. It cannot be handled in the version 4.1 or any other importer plugin as it is a little bit tough to register. So considering this thing and make [...]

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Multi Image import as CSV : Version 4.2

In version 4.2 one of the main features is upgrading the inline image handling support for CSV import to the next level, Now you can control the image import with added attributes feature. In the WP Ultimate CSV Importer PRO version 4.1 the structure of the shortcode to import the image is like this: [WPIMPINLINE: natural.jpg] [...]

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How to import Orders, Refunds and Coupons in Woocommerce by WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro 4.2

It is just few clicks apart. Importing Orders, Refunds and Coupons by CSV Importer plugin is very easy process. Your CSV file may contain multiple headers and some of the fields are important headers such as product_status,payment_method, Customer note, post_id and coupon_code. To create your own CSV file with headers or if you have any [...]

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